Wedding floristry

The wedding – one of the most important and beautiful days for many of us. It is a day which has to become perfect with a lot of love in the air.

This special day is a day when two people who love each other, decide to spend the rest of their lifetime together. For that reason there has to be an unforgettable atmosphere. An atmosphere of love, happiness and joy. Moreover, you need wonderful flowers for the special and unique wedding day.

First of all there has to be a lot of organization until you can enjoy the special wedding day. As this day has to become unforgettable, glamorizing and beautiful flowers are needed!
The Rosarium offers the traditional hand-tied bouquet but furthermore we have a special service for the wedding day.
Using our wedding service, you can discuss your individual prosper with one of our professional assistant. Our variegated selection includes traditional, fancy and unique flowers and roses. The shine of our flowers will glamorize your wedding!

You can decide whether you want a simple floristry or an extraordinary one. We are pleased to support you for all intents and purposes.

Contact us and we will answer your questions immediateley!

Choose The Rosarium and benefit from an excellent service and floristry.