Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is the day of love.

We present our loved ones on this special day to show them how much we love them and even how much we care. The typical symbol of love is a red rose.

The Rosarium has a special, unique and variegated selection of different roses. Our selection includes not only roses, but also hand-tied bouquets and other little gifts for your loved ones.
Make them happy without any words, but with little gifts which raise a smile in their faces.

We have the appropriate know-how for a perfect Valentine’s day!

As a symbol of deep love, roses affect our heart and increase our disposition.
Besides our selection contains rose petals for an extraordinary surprise.

Even with a fancy request you can find a satisfaction with our valentine’s selection.

Try our Valentine’s selection and persuade yourself of the beauty and shine!

An extraordinary selection with a lot of specials for an unforgettable and special day filled with love, kindness and affection!