Role of Funeral Flowers

Candice A. Shoemaker professor at the Kansas State University has answered an important question of whether funeral flowers or floristry have a role to play in the funeral rituals?

By referring to consumer surveys he points out that 85% of the consumers sent flowers to the bereaved as a symbol of showing their sympathy.

Sympathy flowers sent and received.

The surveys also state that 63% of close friends sent flowers as a symbol of sympathy. 62% of close family members sent flowers as a sympathy gift. Recipients data shows that 56% close friends receive flowers for funerals and 43% close family receives flowers.

The results of surveys show that funeral floristry serves two major roles.

  • Emotional role: The recipient of sympathy flowers admitted that flowers are more important at dealing with grief than all other funeral rituals. Both the sender and receiver feel a sense of comfort. The grief therapists also admit the importance of flowers in helping to overcome grief.
  • Functional role: Flowers and decoration with flowers is a diversion and a starting point of the conversations. They are looked at touch, smelled, and talked about.

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