All beauty must pass…

Even cut flowers can’t bloom for a lifetime. Unfortunately flowers begin to decay at the moment where they get loped off the plant. The age of a flower is variable. It depends on the type of flower. While some flowers last for many weeks, others can decay within a few days. At any rate, it is important to use the suitable care.

The most important cut is the first cut!

The convenient tool

It is indispensable to use sharp knifes for the first cut.
Do not use scissors. Why that?
They destroy the small tube in the inside of the flower. There is only one exception case – the branch!
Therefore, you can use scissors.

The water temperature

The optimum temperature for flowers conducts 40 degree. It is better for flowers to receive warm water instead of preserve cold water. You can focus on this fact in general short of tulips. Tulips bear cold water.

The nutrient solution

Cut flowers don’t have the possibility to pursue photosynthisis. For that reason it is good to support them with a special bag of nutrient solution. The nutrient solution blocks the culture of bacteriums and fungus. Furthermore, it delivers enough energy for the flowers.
You can get the nutrient solution bags at The Rosarium and feel certain about long living flowers.

Sun, light, air…

During the day, cut flowers better not last directly in the sun. It is better for them to stay in a room with a moderate temperature and incident solar radiation. Besides breezily days can be a problem for cut flowers. It is better to put them to a place where it’s windless.

Therapy for droopy hand-tied bouquets

First of all you need to cut off the stems of the flowers. After, you can roll them into a paper and put them into water. Make sure that the water temperature is about 40 degree. Additional, you can ensure a room temperature of 5 to 12 degree to receive a perfect result.