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The Rosarium – individual, special and unique!

Are you looking for a flower deliverer in whom you can trust?

We offer flowers of every description for each occasion. Besides, they are adapted to your individual prospect. We see flowers as a gift, not only for nature, but also as a companion for everyday life. No matter if you need flowers for a corporate function, a wedding or even as a simple present – it is an honour for us helping you to find the convenient floristry.

Even at a funereal service it is important to have the accurate floristry. A funereal service is a sad occasion but flowers can glamorize the atmosphere and may elicit a little smile in people faces. The Rosarium, as flower deliverer in Frankfurt we are located next to the European central bank. We supply our customers straightforwardly and quickly. Our firm subscription is very popular with our customers. It is your choice either you receive your supply monthly or weekly. Using our services, you can feel certain not only to have a nice decoration for your corporation, but also to impart a fresh and pleasant employee attitude for you your assistants.

Flowers not only look good. Indeed, it is scientifically proven that they convey a positive emotion to people. Referring to that fact, it is our philosophy to content our customers with the glamour of flowers. For any question or other need you can contact us and we are pleased to answer your question.

In a few easy steps, you can choose your favourite flowers and present your loved ones.

Our high-graded roses come from Quitio (Equador) in South America. We supply our customers for about 16 years with a continious satisfaction. Try our service and convince yourself of the beauty of flowers. We assert that you will benefit from our variegated and favourable offers.

Important days as Mother’s day or Valentine’s day require unique flowers for special people. For that reason we offer inimitably flowers and roses. You can receive them as a bunch of roses or even as a flower basket.

Our philosophy includes not only a high-graded quality of flowers, but also an attractive price-performance ratio. Accordingly, the customer satisfaction is our most important value!

Besides, you can offer your flowers by using our telephone support. It is a pleasure for us to provide advice for our customers.

Visit our website and receive your own impression. We are looking forward getting in touch with you.

The Rosarium – your reliable flower deliverer in Frankfurt!

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Whether weddings, funerals, baptisms, events, birthdays or Christmas. We have the right flowers for every occasion.

The Rosarium

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